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Live Sound Mixer Las Vegas

If you need a live sound mixer, look no further than NC-Sound. As a union A1, I bring more to the table than just mixing. I can handle Dante networks, comms, RF coordination, and in-ears. More importantly, I can interface with every client layer and instill a level of confidence in every involved party.

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Corporate Broadcast
Corporate Live Sound


Easy listening that supports company-wide camaraderie.

Presenters and attendees come together to share ideas and develop strategies for their business. Clean audio allows for an excited and focused collaborative effort

  • Feedback elimination
  • Room EQ makes content easy on the ears
  • Elimination of noise floors and unwanted artifacts
Broadcast Live Sound


Sound is the primary driver of an immersive broadcast experience.

Once the show begins, there is no room for error. Everything is dialed in on the audio side, yielding a fun experience elevated by sound

  • Prioritizing comms for on-site and remote crew
  • Network redundancy
  • Strategies for the OS (oh sh*t) moments

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When you’re looking for a reliable audio expert to manage your next project, contact Neil at NC-Sound. While my company may be a single-man operation, I bring the same quality and work ethic as services five times my size.

Whether you’re looking for an A1 who can handle the pressure from a broadcast producer/director, the ability to tune a live venue for optimal sound performance, or someone who can avoid snafus by putting out fires before they start, I’m your answer.

Call (702) 376-3611 to learn more about my live sound mixing services.

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