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Creative Options, Personalized Solutions

I am a problem-solver and an innovator. I offer a complete range of labor and equipment services designed to meet the various needs of a diverse clientele. Extensive skills and industry knowledge offer clients the ability to bring their unique visions to life. It’s what I would want from a boutique establishment such as mine, and it’s what you can expect too.


The key benefit of working with NC-Sound is the level of professionalism brought to every project. It is the reason why our client retention is so high. It is the reason why producers, ad agencies, network execs, and C-level execs are not afraid to have me around their end clients. I can relate to anyone and hold down a conversation with anyone. People are proud to have me on their sets because of the way I represent them and the production. If people could describe my service in one word, it would be; professionalism.

The EC Factor

Efficiency and Consistency. Regardless of the production sound project, I can load in and be ready to go in 30 minutes or less. For live sound projects, I can load in and be ready to fax everything by the first scheduled test window. I bring my A-game every day, and I'm fully present at every moment. Regardless of the client, the subject matter, or any inherent project complexities, clients and producers know exactly what they are getting from me, and there is never a drop-off in performance.

Fast Response

Speed is key in any industry. I am proud to offer clients swift service and rapid response times. Did someone cancel on you the day of the shoot or test positive for Covid? Call me right now. Here at NC-Sound, I'm not just fast. I'm lightning-fast.

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When you’re looking for a reliable audio expert to manage your next project, contact Neil at NC-Sound.

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