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Production Sound Mixer Las Vegas

If you need a production sound mixer, you’re in the right place. This is my wheelhouse. Sound is a complicated, high-stakes component of any production. NC-Sound is the perfect option for your next project.

Sound Speed

Reality/Doc TV ENG Corporate Doc Projects Sports Film Commercial/Advertising
Reality TV

Reality / Doc TV

Superior sound with hidden mics.

From a couple to over 20 cast members, you’ll get perfectly concealed mics and superior sound quality. There is also a boatload of tech support.

  • Timecode across all devices
  • IFB audio for producers on set or remote
  • Quick, scene-saving fixes for any problematic sound


Run and gun is the name of the game.

The big moment can come at any time, and when it does, I’ll be ready. If the cam op has to “get the shot,” I have to get the sound by any means necessary

  • From standby mode to running with gear at the drop of a dime
  • Ready to go live at any moment
  • Backup plans and preparedness for “just-in-case” scenarios

Corporate / Conventions

Client-focused approach with elite professionalism.

In every moment, the perception of the crew is top-of-mind. It is paramount to represent the company and always make the client proud.

  • Emphasis on appearance and visual footprint
  • Friendly interactions and positive energy
  • Everyone gets the CEO treatment
Doc Projects

Doc Projects

Unwavering support of the director and the subject matter.

The sound mixer isn’t just a service provider, he/she is a part of the family. The director deserves crew members that are fully bought-in to the project and the agenda.

  • Willingness to pitch in wherever help is needed
  • Budget-friendliness
  • Positive attitude and a go with the flow mentality


Every shoot is game day.

The impact and the legacy of sports through the lens of a camera is unmeasurable. Let sound be an MVP

  • Knowing the game and the important moments to capture
  • Awareness of athletes, teams, and organizations
  • Performing under pressure in clutch moments


Never ever wait on sound.

The director and the talent need to be in the zone and stay in the zone. The last thing they should be thinking about is sound.

  • Effective mic and pack placement on the first deployment
  • Comfort level and rapport with extras to A-listers
  • Maximum location sound usability with minimal need for ADR

Commercial / Advertising

Creativity is maximized with effective on-set support.

It’s not just about getting the talent’s “lines.” It’s about supporting the director, the agency, and the client so that they can unleash forward-thinking ideas for effective branding.

  • Everyone gets to listen; producers, director, video village, remote clients
  • Critical evaluation of vocal delivery in addition to sound quality
  • FX, foley, ambience, and room tone for post

Get in Touch

When you’re looking for a reliable audio expert to manage your next project, contact Neil at NC-Sound. While my company may be a single-man operation, I bring the same quality and work ethic as services five times my size.

Whether you’re looking for a tech with audio supervisor experience, the ability to mix and boom simultaneously, or someone who can run with a bag, I’m your answer.

Call (702) 376-3611 to learn more about my production sound mixing services.

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